Dental Milling

Dental Milling

We are a premier dental milling center dedicated to working closely with our customers to provide a precise and high-quality result each and every time. We craft crowns, bridges, and implants. Our dental scanner allows us to scan quickly and in batches so we can turn your orders around in a short time frame. It’s also extremely accurate, so your lab products will have an excellent fit. Our ultra-compact five-axis Sirona MC X5 milling and grinding machine enables us to mill any dental appliance you need from almost any material.

Benefits of CAD/CAM
excellent esthetics & translucency
outstanding marginal accuracy
superior flexural strength

For more information about the dental milling process we use or about the many products and services we provide, please contact us today.

Milling Prices

Model Sent-In Model Digital Files
Full Contour Zirconia
Full Contour Zirconia with Multi Shade Call Call
Cut Back with Multi Shade Call Call
Zirconia Structure
Zirconia Substructure Call Call
E-Max CAD Call Call
Full Contour Wax Patterns Aesthetic Press Call Call
Substructure Was Patterns Call Call
Extra charge for over 4 units of any type
Call Call
*Cut off time - 5PM
**Turn around time two business days
***In case of emergency please call!